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CBT36K--Complete Kit for Sale; Also Parts

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  • CBT36K--Complete Kit for Sale; Also Parts

    This amazing speaker kit was discontinued in 2019. I have an unassembled complete kit available in better-than-new condition. $2000, shipped, the same price as the kits were for most of the decade or so that they were offered. When I say "better than new," it is because I have tested the tweeters modules and rejected that substantial percentage of them that had one or more individual tweeters with sensitivity more than 5 dB different than the mean. So these will work very well. Purchaser may elect to have those cabinets and bases that I have painted, or unpainted cabinets. I painted the sides of the cabinets in satin black, and the rear and base in flat black. The face plates are not painted. Painting the face plates is a lot of work!

    Also for sale are the cabinets alone without face plates. P-E priced these at about $650 each when one arrived damaged and UPS had to pay for it. If you own a pair and your grandchild knocked it over...or if you want to try again to do a better job on painting, these can work for you. Shipping is costs are high, but included. $500 a pair.

    Also, a single cabinet, no face plate, without a base and with a damaged connection to that base. This can be used to create a CBT-like center channel, perhaps. Make offer.

    The story on these is: I bought two pair of CBT36 in order to have enough drivers, and to have the intricately milled front panel, for floor-to-ceiling line arrays for the house I am almost done having built. I actually built up a kit pair and tried to sell it as an assembled CBT36, but got no takers on this forum, Craigslist, or eBay. If anyone buys the complete kit, I will have to buy 18 replacement woofers for it, but P-E still sells those.

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    I sold my complete assembled units to a German audiophile. So I no longer have the parts necessary to offer a complete kit. I am also withdrawing my offer of cabinets for sale, because I no longer want to store them in condition suitable for sale.