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FS - Single ported MTM Tritrix kit (Queens NYC)

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  • FS - Single ported MTM Tritrix kit (Queens NYC)

    Item: Parts to build 1 ported Tritrix MTM
    Location: Queens NYC.
    Price: $114.50
    I'm selling half of the parts from the PE Ported Tritrix MTM kit to build 1 speaker for someone else who also wants to build a single ported Tritrix for their center channel. Exactly half of the kit for exactly half the price. I'll even throw in my spare pc board for the crossover. To be clear, I'm not building the speaker, I'm selling the parts to be built which includes the MDF knockdown cabinet and crossover components.
    I'd prefer buyer in NYC that can pick it up as I imagine it would be expensive to ship.

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    You know, if you need surround speakers, you could buy another tweeter and some crossover parts and terminals and make a pair of Tritrix MTs.


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      I appreciate the suggestion but I already have have a pair of Tritrix TM's I'm waiting to finish and the wife would kill me if I suggested atmos speakers..