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WTB: Looking for a JBL 1500 Sub. A woofer sold by PE and used in the 1500 Array BG

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  • WTB: Looking for a JBL 1500 Sub. A woofer sold by PE and used in the 1500 Array BG

    Hello all I currently have and am looking for a second (third and fourth) JBL 1500 sub. This is a large 15” woofer, 4” coil, and the traditional JBL frame and motor, but with a larger back plate. If you have one or some please do let me know. Thanks!


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    That will be tough to find. Jeff looked for a long time...
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      Bump, still looking. Had someone come to me saying they had one, but they seemed to have changed their mind maybe, I don’t know. If someone has one let me know.



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        The spec sheet (pdf attsched below) mentions that, "The JBL 1500 Array powered subwoofer combines extremely high power output with unsurpassed low-frequency definition and extension to offer the ultimate bass performance in a multichannel Project Array system. The Sub Array employs a high-efficiency 1500Fe 380mm (15") Aquaplas-treated pulp-cone woofer, featuring a copper edge-wound voice coil in a massive 100mm (4") ferrite-magnet assembly, along with JBL’s exclusive Symmetrical Field GeometryTM circuit for significantly reduced distortion and additional refinements."

        Here is some sourcing information on the JBL1500FE woofer,
        pn 338975-001
        sourced from Nexus Manufacturing in 2005

        Click image for larger version  Name:	attachment.php?attachmentid=57267&stc=1&d=1350661516.jpg Views:	0 Size:	47.0 KB ID:	1466229
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          This woofer is one that I think anyone in the know would love to own.

          It's used in Greg Timbers personal system IIRC.

          They're amazing drivers and wish I was on the scene when they were more abundant. You can try the Lansing Heritage forum, but presume anyone who has one isn't looking to offload it in a hurry.

          Good luck in your search... If you find too many, let me know LOL


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            I don't mean to gloat, but I have a pair and use them as my "Party Subs" (part of my DJ setup). I get a lot of positive feedback on the subs every time (very limited appearances, for fun to help out family and friends). I have been intrigued to move them into my home theater for a couple years, but need to finish my new mains project first. I'm not necessarily interested in selling at this point. Replacement cost for even the ballpark of equivalent output capacity (much less performance) is pretty stupid expensive. That said... I'm open to offers if I'm underestimating the demand ("there's a price for everything"). Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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              That’s awesome you get compliments on their sound, they have to be good. I sent you a PM Scott. I too am unsure about having these in my HT. I acquired two more NOS from another forum member (I’ll leave his name out in case he doesn’t want to be known) so I have a total of 3. I’d love to source one more or possibly two so I have a backup. For “big” subs I currently have a pair of Dayton Ultimax 18s for the HT, a pair of Peerless STW-350F, a prototype of that woofer in a 13”, the JBLs discussed here and then a number 12 like the Peerless XLS and Vifa NE315W. The 12s will be delegated to woofer duty, I plan on a line array using the NE315Ws.

              There was a lot of hype on the Peerless STW-350f, but I haven’t seen it used all that much. So they’re just sitting, I am curious how they’d compare to the JBL woofers though.

              All that to say that I’m covered on different types of woofers and wonder if using the JBLs in HT duty would be a waste of their talents.