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Acoustic Elegance, Dayton Esoteric, Scanspeak, McIntosh, & Finemet transformers sale

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  • Acoustic Elegance, Dayton Esoteric, Scanspeak, McIntosh, & Finemet transformers sale

    I have the following for sale. Everything will be posted on eBay this weekend. 100% of this will be to the charity Samaritan's Purse, as seen in the eBay placed banner in the listing. The McIntosh will be for charity but at a smaller percentage, as seen in a eBay banner. Finemet transformers 50% to charity in eBay banner.

    Acoustic Elegance TD6M-4 (pair, used) $275, already posted
    Acoustic Elegance TD6M-8 (pair, unused) $300, sold
    Scanspeak limited edition 15W/4524T02 woven mid-woofers (two pairs, unused) $120, one pair already posted
    Dayton Esoteric ES180ti (four drivers original version, unused) $500, now posted for tweeters & woofers
    Dayton ES25Nd-4 (pair, unused)
    McIntosh MHA-150 (used, excellent condition) $3,200, sold, 25% to charity as seen in eBay banner
    Tribute Audio Finemet 50W output transformers $2,000, now posted, 50% to charity as seen in eBay banner
    Transducer Lab N26MGR-G (pair, unused) $225
    Transducer Lab N26CF-A (pair, unused) $200

    These are all for sale as I have embraced tube amplifiers and desire highly sensitive speakers. Also, custom designs are expensive and having someone else cut baltic birch and ship is expensive. I am selling the Dayton's together as Paul K. has an excellent Clarino speaker with these drivers:

    The McIntosh MHA150 is in good cosmetic and operating condition. Original box, remote, latest DAC (DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 plus DXD 352.8kHz and DXD 384kHz), Autoformer technology to produce three headphone impedance ranges of 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 ohms, 50W amplifier with Powerguard (prevents clipping) and subwoofer output with the option to set speakers to SMALL mode (limit sub 80hz output).

    Finemet (aka nanocrystalline) Push-Pull C-core transformers, has higher permeability than than amorphous and permalloy for maximum detail and low hysteresis distortion. The only other manufacturer is Monolith Magnetics under the name of Nano-X which sell for nearly 2000 euros per pair and only single ended.
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    I'll take the TD6M-8 if they are still available.


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      Sorry they sold today

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    Here are the links for the eBay listings. I will edit this post as I add more:

    Tribute Audio output transformers W

    Scanspeak Limited Edition 15W/4524T02 (pair) 9

    Acoustic Elegance TD6M-4 midrange (pair) T

    McIntosh MHA-150

    Dayton Esoteric drivers
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      McIntosh is now posted. Edited main post, selling Transducer Labs tweeters too which will be posted soon.