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Free to a good home--my collection of Audio Amateur, Speaker Builder, others

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  • Free to a good home--my collection of Audio Amateur, Speaker Builder, others

    I'm moving, and its time to divest myself of unnecessary items. I have a collection of the above titles that goes back into the late 70's in some cases. Came across some familiar names as I went through the collection, one article I wrote, several from Paul Kittinger on construction of systems, and other familiar names.
    I will be leaving this weekend, moving from NW Ohio between Dayton and Toledo to Wilmington NC near the SC border So if anyone is interested, they would need to pick these up in Ohio. I haven't got time or the inclination to box and ship them. If nobody asks for them, they go in the trash.
    My wife will be returning in April to get the house ready for market, so they would need to be gotten when she is available.
    Contact me for information if interested. I'm about an hour and a quarter north of Parts Express on I-75 if that helps.


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    The forum says you have received your quota of private messages. I would be interested in picking these up. I am in Northern Cincinnati and could come to your location this week or in April, whichever is most convenient for you. (Feel free to reply in messages if you can get it to work.)


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      You are correct about the private messages, but I don't seem able to delete anything that allows for more private messages.
      So call me at xxxx and we'll see what we can work out for time. Probably it will be April because I have very little time left here, unless you can come during the day. I am in Lima.
      I have, or had, some books too, but they may have already been put in the trash; don't know if you would want any of those. They were on learning electronics, building amps, stuff like that.
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        I'll call you tomorrow. I wrote your phone # down, so you can remove it from the post if you don't want it out on the internet for long.