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FS New assembled C-Notes crossovers, below cost

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  • FS New assembled C-Notes crossovers, below cost

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20210410_202938.jpg Views:	0 Size:	510.6 KB ID:	1471713For sale is a pair of newly assembled crossover boards for C-notes bookshelf speakers.

    The cost of the basic components was $42.68 before tax or shipping.

    The 2 upgrades added are the mills resistor and the 0.22uF Jantzen bypass capacitor added across the larger inductor. Those are both proven upgrades for this model. Those 2 upgrades brought price up to $60.20 before tax or shipping. Plus quality internal wiring is also added which saves you another few dollars below actual cost for components.

    Sale price is $50.

    if you were already considering this build, this gets you a complete crossover assembly, with professional point to point assembly for less than the cost of the components. This was assembled about a month ago for a comparison test project planned to be published in another forum, but the project never happened. The crossovers were tested momentarily with the bare speakers just to confirm function.

    Let me know if any questions.
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    Nice work.

    Someone who needs them should snap them up.


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      Giving it a little refresh to see if any interest. I also have a built pair of overnight sensation crossovers if anyone was interested in those. I'd sell for a few dollars less than the cost of the bare crossover components, so basically you are getting the high quality assembly service for free.


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