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Parts for Continuum 3-way- read details $175

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  • Parts for Continuum 3-way- read details $175

    I am selling all the parts, drivers, and crossovers which are partly assembled, and the crossover diagram and write up from meniscus for the original continuum. I veered a little from the plan and used the Dayton RSSHF210 8” as the woofers, they might need a tiny bit higher resistor but sounded amazing in testing with incredible depth and definition, this is as far as this design got so it has no actual use hours. Here’s they challenge, one of the tweeters got squished by careless movers and the other got the grille partially pushed in but driver is ok I think. I know the tweeters are unobtanium, but hopefully someone has a use for this kit and I’m selling very cheap. New price on just the 8” woofers is $260, I’m selling all of this with the meniscus crossover and midwoofers which are in perfect condition for $175 shipped to the lower 48. I will package in bubble wrap to ensure no more damage. Need this gone from the garage ASAP.

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