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  • Moving Sale (Washington DC Area)-

    Hey. I haven't been able to be too active in speaker building since I had my two kids. My wife and I are moving in about a week and I have been purging. I just wanted to post some stuff and see if anyone local (ie I don't have the energy to ship stuff right now) was interested in any of this.

    I have the drivers for the "Breakfast Stout" speaker:
    2xAura NS6 (I might actually have 4, but I will need to check)
    2xHiVi RT2II

    I would like to sell these together as I otherwise wouldn't be using them.100 for them all.

    2xTang Band W4-1879 - 200 dollars

    2xRaal 70-10d (with gloss black front face plates) - 500 dollars

    KEF q100 coaxial drivers (just drive units) - 140 dollars

    omnimic v2 with some shrink wrap on body from previous owner (doesn't effect it). I don't have a PC to use it with anymore. 150 dollars

    I am also pruning my headphone collection

    Audeze iSine 20. These are in-ear planar magnetic headphones. These will come with three cables, one analogue, one with a lightning connecter and built in DAC, one bluetooth wireless. I also have extra ear clips. 300 obo

    I probably have some other stuff as well. Also, I am happy to make deals for someone who wants to take a bunch of it.
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          Sorry about the delay, my internet went out and my phone was not liking the website. I have responded to the messages. I have also added some more audio stuff.


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