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    Clearing out the garage, and realized there are too many speaker projects I'm simply not going to get to.


    12" car audio box, sealed not ported, the ubiquitous carpeted kind. Actually, have two of them.

    12" car audio box, but well made, though extremely ugly. Braced, sealed, and maybe 1.5 cf from memory, made by a friend for his car and donated to me for Audio Purposes™.

    triple 12" home subwoofer box, used a Peerless XLS 12" driver with two XLS passive radiators (covering the front three faces of the rectangular box), with a huge cutout for Keiga's 1000 watt plate amp. obviously, no drivers or amplifiers included.

    single cheap and old black vinyl Infinity 8" two way bookshelf speakers with the woofer missing (had a pair but think I accidentally disposed of one, sorry)


    $20 Panasonic SAXR-10 receiver with switching amplifier (actually digital/powerDAC, not class D). Unfortunately, doesn't have the remote, so can't select digital inputs, so goes through A/D conversion for the power amplifier. :-( If you get a remote for it you have a very nice amplifier!

    $25 (what I paid for it): HSU 10" ported subwoofer, their original "True" subwoofer, w/ dead amplifier. Well made 10" box, with two large flared ports, and one port bung for variable tuning.

    $25 - 24" diameter x 24" height Sonotube, with three 24" 3/4" wood endcaps (intended double thickness for driver side)
    $20 - 6" flared Precision Port for the above

    $30 Audiocontrol Model 200, has a hum when on. Otherwise nicely made amplifier with lots of features.

    $40 - very high end 18" cast frame passive radiator from Exodus Audio (Kevin Haskins shop), w/ weight kit

    $25 - enclosure only for highest-end JBL studio subwoofer 6312SP, ported, carbon-fiber baffle, uses fancy push-pull voice coil with neo motor
    $45 - driver from above, neo motor, dustcap sadly torn/pushed in; heads-up: it's a 2 ohm driver!

    $45 harmon/kardon AVR520 receiver I was using with a MiniDSP for active crossover projects as it has inputs directly into all 5 channels of the power amplifier (look on left for jumpers here Amplifier is rated at 75/100 watts into 8/4 ohms.

    $45 - Tannoy Di8 DCT coaxial 8" speaker, white, deconstructed. Was going to build this into a nice box for a center channel, but didn't get around to it. Have all of it, just the driver is not in the box, and the box is taken apart. Includes a spare tweeter! Click on Details from this link.

    $75 - SVS 20-39PCi large vertical ported cylinder subwoofer. Either amplifier or driver damaged, but I think it's the driver. Pretty intense subwoofer!

    $85 - older LC Audio Predator based amplifier with huge power supply. Nice case is engraved with 125 RMS @ 8 ohms, 250 @ 4 ohms, and 500 @ 2 ohms. Serious power supply!

    Probably more once I dig around some more in the garage. Everything is for pickup only - I'm not shipping anything! Have an 8 month old at home, so barely have time to đź’©, let alone package things and ship them.

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    Hsu subwoofer gone, and some prices lowered.