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    Anyone have a new pair of 10" Peerless subs Part #264-1654? thx

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    Originally posted by steven View Post
    Anyone have a new pair of 10" Peerless subs Part #264-1654? thx
    Search for SDF-250F75PR01-06

    Farnell's site shows that they have five of those in inventory.
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      So… Farnells US distributor is Newark, and they don’t show any peerless drivers for sale. I’m guessing you are not in the US?

      I’m kicking myself for not picking up a few of these when they were available from PE.


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        Why do you have to buy 250 of them??


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          Digikey, not Newark.
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            Digikey says ‘no longer manufactured’.


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              Why do you have to buy 250 of them at PE?


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                Originally posted by steven View Post
                Why do you have to buy 250 of them at PE?
                I think they're geared more for speaker manufacturers than us DIY guys.
                Some of Tang Band drivers have gone that way, as well as a few others.

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                  That’s usually PE’s minimum order quantity from Peerless for non-stocked items like the these new peerless subs. PE doesn’t move enough of them to stock them in the warehouse. Check the lead time on items like those - it’s usually several months out.


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                    Still trying to locate two of these.