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Wanted: Usher 9950-20 tweeter pair.

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  • Wanted: Usher 9950-20 tweeter pair.

    Found a pair! 3/15.

    These work well for my ears and room.
    Let me know if you have a good pair to sell.
    In my experience they can fit into usps flat rate box and ship for $17 in usa. I'm in California, 95521.
    Thanks, Don
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    Dayton RS28F was a sibling to the Usher 9950-20, and while maybe not a direct replacement within a well developed design, is also not so very different in character if you are looking for similar sound qualities and are going to be developing a crossover.
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      Thanks JRT. I actually have 28F and 28A also. I've been using crossover designs that have been developed and shared by our skilled and experienced brethren 👍. I sometimes do minor tweaking of tweeter level to fit my fading treble range hearing.
      I've found this family of drivers works for me, and want to finish a couple systems while I have a little time.
      I'm also looking for Usher 8945P's and might soon post yet another wanted ad for them. It's the best way to find discontinued drivers, tho unfortunately maybe annoying to some.


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        I have a set ... E mail me as I get that easier ........

        [email protected]


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          Emailed but didnt get a reply. Probably in your spam. I'd rather stick with using PETT - either in this thread or pm's as I'm scrambling around most days and then resting up in evenings. Let me know you're price and I'll see if I can do it.
          Thanks, Don