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Wanted: Usher 8945P pair.

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  • Wanted: Usher 8945P pair.

    Found some from a diyaudio member have traded with before. So all set. 3/15.

    I'd like to try the 8945P's. Have 8948A's to compare, could be interesting.
    Let me know if you have a pair in good condition to sell. Depending on price I may consider 4, and build Paul and Dan's Marcato's!
    Thanks, Don

    Don't get too put off by all my wanted ads, am making up for lost time, trying some drivers I passed over in the past (:
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    I need to get off my duff and check out the quad i have, then check with the first 2 people in line, and i may get back with you.
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      Ok, thanks Wolf, let me know. I've recently tried several drivers that had passed over in past. My hearing has changed some and the Ushers fit the bill now with their more benign output, and then I adjust tweeters slightly hot. Feyz' 8945p/9950 design looks good, and Pauls Marcato's for a bit more dynamics. Also hoping to finish an amp started long ago too. All before spring hopefully...