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FS: Single Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series, Qty: 1

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  • FS: Single Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series, Qty: 1

    Before posting on Ebay, I wanted to see if anyone here wants or needs this driver.

    I have a single Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range driver for For Sale. Almost brand new. Never been mounted. At the most I measurements the T/S parameters. I did connect the driver and play some low level music and everything sounded fine.

    Comes with original packaging, gasket and mounting hardware.

    Asking $150 + $17 flat-rate shipping ($167 total). Prefer payment via PayPal (all I have for electronic payment these days). If you are in reasonable driving distance to Milford, NH, we can meet someplace to avoid shipping cost.

    Spec Sheet:

    US Distributor is Madisound. They are currently selling this driver for $250.
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    Zach Tripp

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    Always been curious about these....
    Is that a phase plug or dustcap? I can never tell.
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      Hi Wolf. Dustcap with lots of structure. The pulp is thin, very lightweight moving assembly.
      Zach Tripp