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Two 12" Dayton HF 4ohm subs for sale

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  • Two 12" Dayton HF 4ohm subs for sale

    I have two 12" Dayton HF 4ohm subs for sale, both are used but with no issues, never driven hard or clipped, used as music subs. These are the older version spec (can find the T/S parameters on here) and have been sitting unused for awhile due to system changes.

    Both are currently mounted in very nice passive sealed boxes with automotive paint finish and chrome spikes. Here's the catch, you can have the boxes for free but they are heavy as hell (1" mdf and 2" baffles with bracing) so if you want the cabinets please be local to Denver area for pickup as shipping an 85 pound brick isn't gonna be cost effective. If you are local and want a pic of the cabinets send me a PM.

    Selling each sub for $125 plus shipping for the drivers.

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    Would be a shame for the cabinets to go to waste. Let's hope the Denver members see this post.
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      Here's a cabinet photo I dug up.


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