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FREE: Yamaha NS-690 cabinets (no drivers)

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  • FREE: Yamaha NS-690 cabinets (no drivers)

    It's probably taboo for my first post to be a classified ad. But since there's no money involved, here goes:

    Years ago, a friend aware of my speaker-refurbishing habits gave me a set of Yamaha NS-690 cabinets. They'd been stripped of all the drivers but the terminal plates and L-pads were (and are) still in place along with the original insulation and at least some of the wiring. One of the terminal plates has minor damage but looks functional. The L-pads turn smoothly but haven't been tested. The veneer is rough-looking but likely restorable. The grilles are still with 'em, but they're pretty rough--one frame needs minor repair and the material is probably beyond help (definitely so on one). My plan was to butcher the cabinets to accept readily-available drivers and run 'em. Then I started looking into this model a little and, well, I just couldn't do it. Someone might actually want 'em for what they are. Or not.

    If you're not familiar, these 3-way cabinets (12" woofer) are a little over 1.5 cubic feet internal volume with L-pads for both the mid and tweet. More importantly, they're built like a brick battleship. Made of repurposed WWII Tiger 2 tank armor, each cabinet weighs approximately 6,400lb. and would crush an anvil if dropped from a second-story window. These would make excellent audio-themed headstones for an audiophile's grave since they are both more durable and heavier than polished granite, with slightly-better acoustic properties, There's so much mass they exert measurable gravitational force (great for use with satellites!). I'd post pictures, but light itself seems to distort in proximity to them. Other uses include jackstands for a Cat D9 bulldozer or to anchor your zeppelin whilst parked. Even the lead one. I've moved lighter pianos.

    Fun NS-690 fact: Uri Geller attempted to move one via telekinesis back in the 1970s, resulting in history's first--and so far only--medically-documented mental hernia.

    Anyhow, these 747 wheel chocks have been consuming precious space in my home for so long that its foundation is 2" closer to the Earth's core than it was when I got them. I've no desire to attempt a restoraton or modify them, so I'm offering them FOR FREE to anyone within driving distance who's both interested and owns a kidney belt. I don't care if they get restored or butchered as long as they're put to use other than kindling or target practice (small arms/light anti-tank fire would just ricochet anyhow). If you're thinking of jumping on the monkey-casket-revival bandwagon, these monoliths may be for you: Overkill construction quality that would require a second mortgage to duplicate, never mind the countless hours lost that you could've spent pretending to listen to your spouse (OK, the latter might be a benefit--I don't know you). Hop on your telehandler and wheel 'er to MI's lovely Upper Peninsula, 100 miles due north of Green Bay, WI. ZIP code 49801, or 54151 if you pick 'em up at my work during the week--we have a forklift!

    Please do not ask me about shipping these. There are a multitude of reasons I absolutely will not do it, not the least of which is my refusal to do such a sadistic thing to your UPS guy. These are pick-up (and team lift) only; the first one to arrive gets 'em... not that I expect a stampede. I just want them gone.

    DISCLAIMER: I assume no responsibility or liability for damage to the physique, vehicle, property or marriage of the lucky power-lifter that takes these.

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    That is a pretty funny post! You should be a comedy writer.

    Did you ever read the posts about the Wattgate receptacles PE used to sell before they disappeared? They were hilarious!
    “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”

    If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally ASTOUND ourselves - Thomas A. Edison

    Some people collect stamps, Imelda Marcos collected shoes. I collect speakers.:D


    • Dr.Jass
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      I had a lot of fun writing it, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I appreciate the compliments!

      I remember the Wattgate parts being available (and as I recall, ridiculously expensive) but I don't think I ever read any reviews or forum posts regarding 'em.

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    " Fun NS-690 fact: Uri Geller attempted to move one via telekinesis back in the 1970s, resulting in history's first--and so far only--medically-documented mental hernia. "


    You are most welcome here in my book and I don't need your cabinets but please do post as frequently as you are able - this place needs more humor.



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      I use Yamaha NS-670 cabinets, only the back is particle board, rest should be plywood.
      Best mass produced cabs I've come across.
      I might modify them again soon.
      NS-1000 were build the same or similar, if I remember correctly.
      Should have kept those, oops.


      • Dr.Jass
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        Yep, same deal. These are extremely well-built, hence my mildly exaggerated description. Thick ( ¾"? 1"?) ply, possibly double-layer on the baffle, with only the rear panel being particle board. I've not seen a finer-quality commercial enclosure either, and to be honest I don't know that I've personally seen a better custom one. Alas, my house is very small and these (or any other similar design) simply consume too much footprint in my 12x11 living room.