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  • Ohio XO and Driver Sale

    Giving up DIY speakers for now- just not a good time, Yeah I know I can save for later but keeping them just keeps the itch itching. All drivers work with little to no use.. Just sitting around collecting dust. 99% everything was installed- used for a week at most then shelved because I have a addiction itch I cant stop wanting to build more..I dont have the pockets for that right now. And honestly I suck- Ive watched and listened to every pro I could and no matter what I do even my FRD measurements always suck so bad. I really want to build a dual RS225-4 and CDX1-1746 speaker but I suck and Ill just end up spending more money for nothing.

    Trying to redo theater- and only selling to A) stop my insane addiction and B) to fun someone else designed build if I can find one. that fits what I want.

    I have at least $500+ in XO parts to much stuff to make a detailed list. Some used some new- Lots of inductors/caps/resistors
    XT25SC90 - 5 pieces
    SDS-160F125PRO1 - 5 pieces
    RS100-8 - 4 pieces
    RST28F-4 - 5 pieces (Painted Face plate though, easy off )
    RS225-4 - 10 pieces
    JBL D220TI - 3 pieces (4th one is in a box packed somewhere lol)
    Faital Pro 10FE200 -1 Piece- (I have second but cant find it lol)
    Faital Pro 6FE200 -4 Pieces
    Celestion TF1020 -3Pieces
    Celestion CDX1-1746 -3Pieces
    JBL 14-45 Waveguide
    Dayton Audio H6512 3 pieces

    Over $2000 in drivers not including the tax eek LOACTED !!!!!!!!!!!44405!!!!!!!!!!! $1000 for ALL-

    Pick up only- I wont box it up and ship- way to much stuff and I dont have original box's for the drivers.
    Selling as a package-

    Ill get pics up of general XO parts when I can-still trying to unpack and get house situated. Sorta a lot to sort out
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    Hey, Remy.

    I understand your plight, completely, man . . .

    Have you considered getting a DSP unit so you can be more successful in XO development and listening pleasure instead of just bailing out only to wind up coming back to scratch the itch again at greater expense in the future?

    This is what I did and am happy with the results so far.

    Just something to consider, dude.

    Best wishes . . .


    • Remy.Alexander
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      Editing a comment
      I have thought about it, was considering getting rid of all but the RS225 and 1746 and buying a MiniDSP 10x10 as Im trying to redo my theater speakers. But it require a lot more amplification and the DSP- but I guess thats better then contently buying and not using stuff.

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    Not really wanting to resize everything- more information and pictures of XO parts on my AVS listing- Can ship XO parts $300 for all the xo parts.​


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      Sent you a PM, sir.


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        Many values- from like 1mf up to 20


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          12s 4.7s 1.5s 20s 33s 0.33s 0.01s 2.7s 3.3s 10s 0.1s 100s 2.2s 6.8s 18s 7.5s 15s 1.8s A good mixture



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            As for the Drivers- BEST OFF TAKES THEM ALL


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                If you go to InDIYana 2023 I'll buy the RS225s off ya. How much you want ???


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                  Not going to inDIYana- being sold as a "lot" entire package one price- as soon as moderator overlords approve my last post itll have all the pictures