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Epique CBT24 - Pair - Curved Line Array Speakers - Satin Black

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  • Epique CBT24 - Pair - Curved Line Array Speakers - Satin Black

    If you haven't heard the imaging capabilities of this technology, you need to. These were able to project images far beyond the outer edges of the speakers and even the walls in the room. We played Seamus from Pink Floyd's Medal album, and it fooled our dog into thinking the dogs were barking from the bedroom on the other side of the wall in our living room. That wall is 6 ft to the right of the right hand speaker. We had bumble bees flying around the room in 3 dimensions from 2 channel playback...mind blown.

    These will also enable a wide seating area to enjoy imaging rather than just the lucky person in the sweet spot. The uniformity across the front, and up and down is astonishing. These do need to be EQ'd and need bottom end support from a sub. I will throw in a BiC V1220 sub if you need it. I do not have the original boxes, so most likely needs to be a local transaction. I'll travel up to 150 miles to exchange as well...located in Austin, TX area.

    New $1500, yours for $750 - in very good condition and sound like they did new. For some reason this forum is not allowing me to upload or copy pics, PM me for them.

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    are these still available? Thanks.