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Clearwave Symphonia 1 speakers - Accuton Cell tweeter & mid, 18wu Illuminator woofer

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  • Clearwave Symphonia 1 speakers - Accuton Cell tweeter & mid, 18wu Illuminator woofer

    MSRP of US$ 7,995.00
    Asking $3,000
    Evans/Augusta, GA 30809 local pickup

    Uses Accuton cell drivers along with a Scanspeak 18wu. The cost of the raw parts is:
    Accuton Cell C25-6-158: $530 each
    Accuton Cell
    C90-6-724: $710 each
    Scanspeak Illuminator
    18WU/4747T-00: $339 each Tested in Voicecoil to be 10mm xmax, beyond specification
    Raw driver cost for a pair of speakers: $3158, not counting tax, crossover parts, cabinetry. The Vimberg Mino used the midrange and tweeter to great effect in Stereophiles measurements.


    Here's the list of features:
    • Made in the USA cabinetry
    • German top of the line driver technology
    • Accuton Cell midrange/tweeter array
    • Low parts count crossover
    • ERSE air core inductors
    • Mundorf capacitors and resistors in tweeter signal path
    • Mundorf resistors
    • Cardas soldering all point to point from binding posts to drivers
    • High-end Supra wiring
    • Cardas patented binding posts
    • Custom engraved binding post plate and port ring to lower resonance.
    • Braced baffle and sidewall technology
    • Flared port for low noise
    • Proprietary damping material to turn vibration into heat
    • Size: 8.25"W X 35"H X 11.5" D (cabinet tapers back and slopes 5 degrees)
    • Frequency Response: 38hz-25khz
    • Minimum Power Requirements: 35watt (tube) 50watt (solid state). 86db/2.83v/meter
    • 3-way fullrange loudspeaker
    • Tweeter/midrange array decoupled by expanding o-ring driver technology mounted to custom aluminium mounting plate
    • 1 x 25 mm Accutonâ„¢ Cell ceramic tweeter
    • 1 x 90 mm Accutonâ„¢ Cell ceramic midrange
    • 1 x 184 mm Illuminatorâ„¢ woofer, long excursion design with underhung voicecoil
    • Bassreflex port design for lowest port noise with dual flared ends.
    • Height adjustable isolation outriggers with cone floorspikes included (not shown)
    • impedance: 4 ohm (lowest point: 3.1 ohm at 100Hz)
    • Standard veneers include: Cherry, Walnut, Ebony (faux)
    • Weight: 2 x 65 lbs. (plus packaging)

    ​ Click image for larger version

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    Open to offers


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      If only you were closer, but you couldn’t be farther away.



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        Still for sale


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          You have a p.m.

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          Still available for anyone interested

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          Still for sale
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            Those look amazing, and your price is a serious deal. I bet they would sell very quickly on Audiocircle.