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ID a Tang Band 8" Sub Driver

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  • ID a Tang Band 8" Sub Driver

    Had this stashed away in a bin. The model and serial number have been bleached away. Thinking it might make a good office sub. Can anyone help ID the model and then I can try to find the driver parameters. It is a single 4 ohm voice coil.

    NOTE: Sorry, posted in wrong place. Should have been in "Tech Talk". Admins, please move.

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    I think this.
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      Different frame. Magnet LOOKs smaller? Also, the OP's LOOKs like one of TBs gold poly cones??


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        Thx for the assistance. The diameters of the magnet and frame match the diagram in the link. The two depth measurement are off by 10mm. What I have is shallower.

        The cone material feels like paper to me. Nothing like my poly cone Peerless drivers.

        All the TB 8" sub drivers I found, tend to be more ideal for a vented enclosure. Given it heavy magnet, think this would be as well. If I can't find out what model, can just go with a 1 cu' enclosure, and tune as best as posible.