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WTB: (2) Epique 7" Passive Radiators (E180HE-PR)

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  • WTB: (2) Epique 7" Passive Radiators (E180HE-PR)


    Might anyone have a couple of the Epique 7" PRs that do not need right away?
    I was going to purchase parts this week to build the mini 7" sub but the PRs are on backorder until January.
    Epique E180HE-PR 7" Carbon Fiber Cone Passive RadiatorEpique E180HE-PR 7" Carbon Fiber Cone Passive RadiatorLike. No. OtherCombining world class performance with a reasonable cost, the Epique E180HE-PR 7" carbon fiber cone passive radiator from Dayton Audio is the perfect companion for the Epique Series MMAG Subwoofers. Featuring a carbon fiber cone, custom tooled suspension, and cast aluminum frame, the low FS of the E180HE-PR enables speaker designers to use smaller and lower tuned boxes without the excessive port lengths.High excursion requires flexible suspensionWhen designing the E180HE-PR, Dayton Audio paid extra attention to optimizing the suspension to guarantee unrestricted excursion without limiting performance. The large roll rubber surround was custom tooled for high excursion and a custom weighted spider was created to lower the FS for maximum performance and easier tuning.Carbon Fiber Is All About PerformanceThe rigid carbon fiber cone gives the E180HE-PR retains a familiar look while offering a number of performance advantages. The woven cone has excellent damping properties which keep the active driver well controlled. Optimized cone and dustcap profiles make sure that there is no deformation when exposed to high stress so the smooth response and low distortion remain consistent even when pushed to high excursionCast aluminum frame holds everything togetherIn order to support its extreme excursion, the E180HE-PR uses a rugged cast aluminum frame. The minimalistic design of the frame both eliminates unwanted flex and provides ample room for the rear of the cone. 19mm of Xmech, and plenty of room behind the spider makes sure that you can push the limits of excursion without bottoming out.Packaged Contents(1) Passive Radiator(3) 30 gram disk weights(1) Nylon locking nut (for final assembly) Tip: As a general rule, the passive radiator(s) should have at least double the displacement of air (Vd) as the active woofer(s)/subwoofer(s) in the system. To calculate Vd=Xmax ∗ Sd We've Got Your BackWe stand behind our products and our warranty is a demonstration of our commitment to quality and reliability.Learn MoreShop the Whole Epique SeriesCapable of exceptional performance in everything from small subwoofers to 2-way designs, this series will redefine what is possible from compact speaker systems. E180HE-44Nominal Diameter: 7"Frequency Response: 25-3000HzShop NowE150HE-44Nominal Diameter: 5-1/2"Frequency Response: 30-4000Shop Now E150HE-PRNominal Diameter: 7"Passive RadiatorShop Now Shop The Whole Epique Series Don't Trust Us...Trust Our Customers Exceptional near-field subwoofer"I love the sound of small full rang speakers. You can build very complex contraptions to help them extend into the bass region, but I wanted it all - deep bass, impact, power handling, open baffle spaciousness and full range goodness. I crossed these over at 500 Hz with the tang band 4" full range on an open baffle and I am very satisfied. These are still breaking in now, but are sounding great! The face plate for this is glued to the front of a Denova 0.23 CF sealed cabinet stuffed with ~1/3 pounds of polyfil. DSP is handled with the MiniDSP 2x4HD. They aren't capable of high output at 20hz, but the math puts them at around 95dB theoretical max at 40 hz at 1 meter, which is more than enough to pound in-room in a nearfield listening arrangement. Applying a roll-off to your curve under 40Hz keeps the bass sounding full and tight, but lets you crank the volume up further"- misterBill Not Only Do Our Customers Love UsQuickly becoming a customer favorite, the epique series has had critical acclaim from many. Not only do our customers love these but so does the industry at large."Given the overall design and build quality, this is a well-crafted product specifically intended for the compact two-channel, home theater, or studio monitor market." -Voice Coil Magazine Read Full Review Learn MoreRequest Quote SpecificationsQ&AReviewsManuals & Resources

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    I don't see a PR version with that sub driver as a kit, unless I'm missing it. Watcha' got planned if you don't mind me asking?

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      Hello Tom,

      Ask away

      My plan was to build your mini sub that you posted here on the forum and detailed here

      I have a single E180HE-44 and the plate amp is back in stock but now the passive radiators are out of stock.
      I was contemplating two, or even 3, of the 5" Epique PRs or a different PR from Parts Express. Tried modeling a box with WinISD but it is not easy to do on a MacBook using a Windows virtualization


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        Aesthetics aside, either a single RSS210-PR (w/NO added mass) OR a PAIR of DSA215-PRs w/about +140g added mass (each) should give about the same output.


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          Thank you for your input Chris!! The RSS210-PR is a passive radiator I have not seen yet.
          It appears that both of the 8" PRs you recommended would fit within Tom's cabinet. This is great!
          I will give it a couple more days to see if someone has spare Epique PRs they are willing to sell.
          The remaining parts for the build I will purchase shortly.


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            It appears any way it gets sliced, at least 2 PRs are needed. Deciding between two (2) DSA215-PR ($30/EA -> $60), two (2) RSS210-PR-8 ($80EAa -> $160), or if workable, three (3) Epique 5" PR ($35/EA -> $105).


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              The 8" RSS unit has a dia. 25% larger (and an area (Sd) more than 50% larger) than the HE. Consequently, I only used ONE in my model. So ...


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                Thanks Chris. Did you pair the 8" RSS PR with an RSS210 subwoofer?
                I am assumed a single PR would bottom out if the 7" Epique gets pushed hard.


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                  Why? The 8"RSS has over twice the swept volume of the 7" woofer (at Xmax, and that's the ROT).