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  • Lots of drivers for sale

    I am selling my stock of over 120 drivers, most in like new condition or excellent used condition. I have created a spreadsheet containing a full list and pricing that you can find online here:

    I am making these drivers available to attendees of the upcoming InDIYana DIY event in Fort Wayne or local pickup near Lansing Michigan. Once the event has passed I will be open to shipping within the US.

    I will update the spreadsheet periodically but the link will remain the same each time. Please use the email address listed at the top of the spreadsheet to contact me. I will prioritize sales by whomever contacts me first and commits to buy an item based on emails I receive at the address given.

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    I just wanted to clarify about shipping - YOU ARE WELCOME TO CONTACT ME NOW if you want to buy something and are not able to be at InDIYana or come pick up in person. This will get you dibs on the drivers you want once I open it up to shipping the drivers, if they are still available. Depending on how the "local" sales go this may happen before InDIYana, so it is not too early to ask. But if you contact me please consider that a commitment.

    Also, I cannot guarantee that I can ship the larger 18" drivers safely so a direct handoff is probably best. Anything 15" or smaller can be shipped.

    Please keep in mind that shipping will incur an additional cost. Thanks for your understanding.

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      PM sent about RS225 and RS28 Thanks


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        I sent a list and I could use all of it.
        But mostly need these to complete a project that's almost finished:
        Peerless 830491 8" HDS woofer
        NIB SB Acoustics SB29RDCN-C000-4

        Building this a little different:
        Peerless woofers I need pretty bad, SB tweeters should be nicer build quality than the Vifa XT25.

        2 NIB Tang-Band W3-2141 3 3" wide band driver -- would be if I go 2-way with 10" woofer

        Tang-Band 75-1558SE 3 3" dome, modified/open back cup -- might be good to try in stead of RS52

        TC9 I have and use and they are very nice sounding to me, for a 3 inch driver

        I could use these too -- 4 NIB Vifa DX25TG09-04


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          if you are interested in drivers please do not pm me here.

          Follow the directions in the first post to contact me. Thanks.
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            Adding one more pair of drivers I found: Dayton RSS390HO 15" subwoofer
            MFG page:

            I would prefer to sell this locally (Lansing MI pickup) or at InDIYana next month, after which I will be open to shipping the drivers with the buyer paying for shipping costs. These are new, unused drivers.

            Asking 50% of retail - currently at $289 each. So that is $145 each plus shipping. Please contact me via email at charles_f_laub at yahoo daught c o m.
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              I just uploaded an updated list of drivers that you can find here:

              There are still some great drivers left to be had!

              FYI I will open things up for people who need shipping in about another week. If you see something you like now you can email me and if it is still available at that time I will arrange for shipping it to you.


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                Driver list updated. Most small drivers have been sold. I am open to shipping the other at buyer's expense. See link above for info.
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