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AV15X and DSP1124P

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  • AV15X and DSP1124P

    Sold , thanks

    Since I have moved to a horn loaded sub I dont have a use for these anymore.

    This is the AV15X from Acoustic Elegance made to order in the USA.
    I also have a Behringher DSP1124P to go along with the sub. I have removed the rack ears.

    $250.00 plus shipping and paypal fees takes boththe woofer and the eq.
    More photos and specs below.

    AV15-X - 4 ohm
    Fs: 24Hz
    Qms: 4.1
    Vas: 197L
    Cms: .22mm/N
    Mms: 200g
    Rms: 7.4kg/s
    Xmax: 23mm
    Sd: 794sqcm
    Qes: .39
    Re: 3.2
    Le: .196mH
    Z: 4ohm
    Bl: 15.6Tm
    Pe: 1000W
    Qts: .36
    1W SPL: 90.4dB
    2.83V: 94.3dB
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