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50 WPC Tube Amp

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  • 50 WPC Tube Amp

    I am looking to part with my Antique Sound USA 50 WPC tube amp. KT88 Tubes with about 20 hours on them. I just never use it any more.

    I did mod it since this photo was taken. I added a heat sink on the back of the power transformer. I will post an additional photo this weekend...

    I am willing to trade this for a used vacuum press (fully functional with no missing parts) otherwise I am looking to get $350 for this. I can buy a new press setup (low end of course) for $380 new so I figure a used one may be an even swap...

    I will deliver it anywhere on Long Island at no charge. I will consider meeting you somewhere if you live beyond that.

    I prefer not to ship it as it is hugely heavy. I would need to send it insured if I did and UPS has very strict packing policies so I would only ship it via the UPS store so they will actually honor the insurance. That will likely add about $25 or 30 bucks to your shipping cost... If you are serious I will get a quote...
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    Re: 50 WPC Tube Amp

    Here are some reviews I found.



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      Re: 50 WPC Tube Amp

      She's a beauty! Great 24k faceplate, too. GL on the sale!!

      I'm just that guy. Rock Solid.

      "It has been remarked that if one selects his own components, builds his own enclosure, and is convinced he has made a wise choice of design, then his own loudspeaker sounds better to him than does anyone else's loudspeaker. In this case, the frequency response of the loudspeaker seems to play only a minor part in forming a person's opinion."

      L.L. Beranek, Acoustics (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1954), p.208.