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2x Bogen HTA-125a Amplifiers

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  • 2x Bogen HTA-125a Amplifiers

    Used in good condition. Great sound, 70v output, etc. A bit unwieldy. Well built commercial monoblock amplifier. One of the illuminated rocker switches tends to flicker (the neon light itself, nothing wrong with the switch) I now live in an apartment so there is no way I can demonstrate unless I take them to you. Not that there is any way they could break down or be damaged as they are huge blocks of steel. These were last used at our wedding reception in October (along with focal loudspeakers) and we received several compliements about the excellent sound quality.

    I live in Loveland but since my in laws are in Carlisle I can meet up at or close to the parts express; maybe the tim hortons across the street. Would rather not ship them as they are about 40# each.

    Asking $200 for the pair, I will include a radioshack isolation xformer which you will want if you use them with an unbalanced source. They are designed for commercial sound installations but I used them to power my monitor when drumming (playing with a mac pro and some 8ohm focal loudspeakers with no problem) You could even hook them up to your hifi if you are particularly masochistic.

    If desired, I can post a picture later tonight.