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  • Bunchastuff

    *** I'll happily split the shipping for any of the items I still have left! 3/21/14 ***

    ** Updated 1/15/14 **

    ** ITEMS ADDED 12/17 **

    Ya'll are welcome to make offers...

    *I'd also be interested in trading or doing a partial trade for some Silver Flute 6.5" 4 ohm drivers. Lightly used is fine.

    I've got a handful of drivers that I don't see myself using in the next while. :( Plans have changed and I'm not sure any of them will get any attention from me, so here they are. All drivers are brand new unless noted. Though, one driver of each set has been removed for break-in and measured with my DATS so there is a usually a small spot on each cone from attaching weights. They are more noticeable in the pics because of the flash. Some have been mounted to test enclosures (like the P830945). But I can provide actually measurements for all of the woofers and most of the tweeters, which should be advantageous since you won't need to use factory data. Prices are plus shipping from 83404.


    Zaph 5.5 full kit, very light use - maybe a couple of hours; I hate to let it go :( . Comes with (8) ZA14W08 woofers, (2) DQ25SC16-04 tweeters, (2) madisound crossovers, (4) vent tubes, miscel wiring, and acoustastuff - SOLD

    1 pr Silver Flute W20RC38-08 8" 8 ohm - SOLD

    1 pr Peerless 830657 6.5" 8 ohm - SOLD

    2 pr Peerless 830656 5.25" 8 ohm - $30 pr

    1 pr Peerless P830945 5.25" 8 ohm - $60 pr

    1 pr Aurasound NS6-255-4A 6" 4 ohm - SOLD

    1 pr Peerless India Buyout W5-KA538A-SH 5" 4 ohm - $8 pr 1 PR LEFT

    1 pr Dayton ND105-4 4" 4 ohm - SOLD

    1 pr Dayton DA115-8 - $25 pr

    6 pr SAS Bazooka 5" Shielded Midbass Speaker 2 Ohm Buyout - $8 pr

    1 pr Bravox WFR-06BV03B 6.5" Blue Cone 12 ohm - $10 pr

    1 pr Bravox WFR-05BV02S 5.5" Blue Cone 12 ohm - $10 pr

    Several pr NS3-193-8A1 BLACK 8 ohm - $25 pr - 3 PAIRS SOLD, 4 PAIRS LEFT

    1 pr Vifa XT25SC90 4ohm neo - $30 pr 1 PR SOLD, FOUND ANOTHER PAIR IN THE STASH

    1 pr HiVi T20-8 8 ohm - SOLD

    3 pr HiVi SS II 6 ohm - $12 pr

    1 SINGLE SB Acoustics TWD25NH-05-08 - $8 or I'll throw it for free if you want a few other things (used, has some solder on terminals that I will clean off)

    4 pr Nuance TW5-073LR 1/2" mylar dome - $10 takes them ALL!

    Aura RPM2300 2x150 Amplifier; used with a few cosmetic imperfections, but sounds fantastic with LOADS of power. I just bought a new pickup and found out (after installing it) that the amp is 1/2" too thick to fit behind the back seat in my double cab. - SOLD

    Pics will be posted tonight...

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    Re: Bunchastuff

    Pics added. I think I there are few drivers without pics, but I can take more pics if needed.


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      Re: Bunchastuff

      I wish I wasn't going to California/moving next month. There about about a dozen drivers above id love to have. Good luck!


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        Re: Bunchastuff

        Howdy, I see a photo of a peerless 832873, but I don't see it in the lising. Do you have 4 of them? I'd love to try Lou's Kavernas.


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          Re: Bunchastuff

          I see a photo of a peerless 832873
          Doh! Guess that one snuck in there. I thought I only had one left so I was going to post it, but it turns out I have two or three. I'm on the fence about those, so they may stay with me. But for the right offer... Not trying to be shady, I just love the way they sound and I'm trying to justify a need to build another set using the 832873 drivers.


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            Re: Bunchastuff

            Hmmmm.......the right offer. I'm not sure what these went for. Were they PE buyouts at one time? I know Lou likes to use a lot of buyout drivers in his designs.
            Just give it some thought and if you decide to part with them let me know. I may throw a feeler out on the forum asking if anyone else has any they
            would like to sell. I've been wanting to build these for a while now.
            thanks much,


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              Re: Bunchastuff

              I'd love to take the 8" SF but they're not really a bargain compared yo new from mad.
              " To me, the soundstage presentation is more about phase and distortion and less about size. However, when you talk about bass extension, there's no replacement for displacement". Tyger23. 4.2015

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                Re: Bunchastuff

                @ Arlis - PM sent.. They may not be a bargain, but you will get actually driver data from me, instead of factory measurements from Mad. That may or may not be helpful to you depending on whether or not you have a DATS or other testing setup. Either way, you'd still be on the hook for shipping.

                @ nikkoluvr - I honestly don't remember how much I paid for them I just remember searching high and low for a pair after I had acquired a pair. Not to say they are worth their weight in gold or anything, but they are well regarded drivers. I'll give it some thought, though. Bug me early next week if you haven't heard from me. I almost feel guilty for hoarding the pair that I've got :o


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                  Re: Bunchastuff



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                    Re: Bunchastuff

                    Added some goodies...


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                      Re: Bunchastuff

                      I'd also be interested in trading or doing a partial trade for some Silver Flute 6.5" 4 ohm drivers. Lightly used is fine.


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                        Re: Bunchastuff

                        Received the Peerless 656's, the ND105's, and the XT25's, all in good shape, despite a 2" hole in the box. Not having much luck with USPS lately, but at least they didn't lose it and take >2.5 weeks to deliver like my last speaker package! :eek:

                        Thanks Brandon!


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                          Re: Bunchastuff

                          Sorry to hear the box had a hole in it! :eek: Maybe somebody went... wait for it... POSTAL.. on that box. Muahhaha! Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, though, I'm glad to hear everything showed up in good shape. Enjoy them!


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                            Re: Bunchastuff

                            Stil have a few things left.

                            I'll happily split the shipping costs!


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                              Re: Bunchastuff

                              I'll take another pair of the aura ns3's and the HiVi t-20 pr. Let me know shipping and I'll PayPal ya in a few.