Dynaudio D 54 AF. This is a legendary dome midrange, no longer being manufactured. This is a collector’s item widely considered among the best ever made, a cult classic among tree-worshiping audiophile druids. I am sorry I only have one. $200

Morel MDT-37. I have one of these very high SPL horn loaded dome tweeters. Good stuff, but LOUD. Pro-audio loud. I used this as a HF element in several bass guitar cabs. $40

Morel MDT-33. Factory matched pair dome tweeters. $200 pair

Morel MW 166 mid-basses. Outstanding power handling. I have four of these. Mate very nicely with the MDT-33’s
$150 for all four

Dayton Titanic 1200 subs, pair. Very good 12” home audio subwoofers which produce super deep accurate bass. These are legit hi-fi subs, not the one-note boom boxes your kid put in his hatchback. No longer being made, these are in very good condition. $180 pair

Dayton Series II 12” New, unused. $40

That rounds out the home audio stuff, here comes the pro audio.

Dayton Audio 12” pro sound drivers. This pair was never used, big heavy duty mothers. $100 pair

Eden 10” bass guitar speaker I had a 4X10 Eden “David” that this came out of. Vintage 2002. This would be a great 110 box for home practice or small low-volume gigs. $40

Pyramid TW47 bullets, pair. If you like music at paint-peeling volumes, step right up. Giant, heavy, gnarly tweeters that can kill bees and wasps. New in box. $40 pair

Galaxy Audio “Hot Spot” mid Slightly modified basket to facilitate surface mounting, no effect on performance. $15

Beyma 12KX 12” co-axial This is just a really nice sounding, almost hi-fi pro audio 12. $250