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2 Klipsch SUB-10 subwoofers $40/each loacl pickup

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  • 2 Klipsch SUB-10 subwoofers $40/each loacl pickup

    I bought these used a few years ago unaware of the QC problems Klipsch had with the amps. They both worked fine for about 6 months and then they both developed problems within the same week. It appears that many of the amps in these subs suffered from poor soldering in the Chinese plant where they were made and repair is usually pulling the amps out and resoldering some of the solder points. I really don't want to mess around and would rather just let someone have a chance at a nice pair of subs for cheap. The cabinets have some dings in them, but they aren't too bad. I'm asking $40 each or $75/pr, pickup in the Akron, Ohio area.

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    Re: 2 Klipsch SUB-10 subwoofers $40/each loacl pickup

    Last chance before I take these apart and throw out the cabinets. Of course, when I do that I'll be posting on here to give away the cabinets.