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FS in Morgantown WV, Some vintage some new

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  • FS in Morgantown WV, Some vintage some new

    I've got a variety of gear for sale here in Morgantown WV. Most of it is vintage, but I have a few newer subs from PE that I haven't got time/space for at this point. I'm located about 1 hour south of Pittsburgh, PA, ~2.5 hours west from Baltimore, 4 hours from Dayton Ohio. I do not want to ship, but given incentive I may.

    If you've got any questions about condition or would like to request pictures, just PM me or ask in here, as there are many things and It's complicated to load up all of the pictures for items which may have no interest.

    Speaker Pairs:
    Infinity RSe, $200. These are my favorite of this group, with re-covered grills, bare wood finish, recently refoamed, and sounding fantastic. It'll be hard to let these go.

    Infinity RS 2000.6, $125. These are newer (in the grand scheme) MTM towers, very attractive looking and sound quite good as well. My lady really likes these speakers.

    Polk monitor 10s, with boxes, $150. These were purchased on a whim, and never were put into use. They're slightly missmatched, but still solid speakers. Cosmetics aren't as good as the others.

    Bose 501 Series 4, $75. Drivers are all original, foams are good still. Grills have some structural issues internally, but they're on there and they look fine otherwise. There are plexiglass covers for the tops to protect them. Some pictures listed ON PHOTOBUCKET.

    Acoustic Research MST, $225. The original woofers were gone when I got them from a family friend, so I replaced them with drivers with the same efficiency and good performance in a small sealed box, as well as a very smooth top-end roll off so there's no breakup to worry about. Woofers are essentially brand new, maybe 2 hours of playing time on them.

    This is the 4-tweeter variety. The grill fabric is quite stained, although the frame for it is in fantastic shape, so it would be an easy replacement job if you desired. Photos are available ON PHOTOBUCKET.

    I also have a few single speakers:
    Realistic Mach 1 single: $30 Woofer foam is good, entire unit is fully functional, corners are dinged and some scratches on cabinet. No grill.
    Yamaha NS-10 Monitor single: $70 Would make a fantastic parts unit, woofer and tweeter are perfect, crossover good, grill and grill fabric are good, box itself is in rough shape.

    Sonographe SW-1000 in 10/10 condition with box, no drivers are installed but the 10" Daytons listed for sale will fit with minor modification. This is a very rare subwoofer which was paired with Conrad Johnson bookshelf speakers in a package. It houses two 10" subwoofers, originally ported but can be modified for sealed.SOLD

    Two 10" Dayton Audio RSS265HO-44 new in box, were purchased for a project that I never got to. $200/pair or $110/single.

    Power amps:
    BGW 8000, has a silent fan mod on it, $175.
    Sunn SPL 7000, Haven't really messed with this, it requires pro-level inputs. Made by/for fender from what I read. $75 (link is for Sunn SPL 9000, but should apply still)

    Vintage Amps: (Pictures of these can mostly be found HERE ON PHOTOBUCKET.)
    Yamaha CR-400 Receiver -- Cosmetically in great shape. It is blowing the speaker protection fuses and I don't know why. Need some TLC. $25 gets it.

    Harman Kardon Three Thirty Receiver -- In good shape overall. One knob is missing its little cosmetic cap. There is a DC offset issue, and some ultra-high-frequency (like 200+khz) oscillation going on. Odds are it needs new capacitors. It will pass sound as-is, however. $25

    Panasonic Model RE-7670 Receiver -- Has rca connections for speaker outputs, it asks for 16ohm speakers but tested well enough with 8ohm at decent volume. It is quite small, looks awesome, and would make a sweet little bedroom rig. Has a phono input and a tape input, as well as built in am/fm. $30

    Lafayette model SQA-50 4-channel amplifier -- This unit is TINY! 4-channel amplifier, I believe it has some built-in logic as well as the ability to play discrete 4-channel input. Sounded pretty good in testing, absolutely spotless inside. It has RCA outputs for speakers as well, 8ohm rated. $40

    Realistic QA-680 -- Another 4-channel amplifier. Seems to be in good working order, tested it out. $30

    Onkyo TX-4500 MkII $125

    If someone would like to pick up the whole lot to sell at MWAF I'll make a good deal, or on bundles in general.
    There's other stuff as well which I forgot to list, I may add to this later.
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    Re: FS in Morgantown WV, Some vintage some new

    I may also be interested in trades / partial trades towards this gear.

    Other items which may be available, although I'm much less inclined to sell:

    Tannoy System 800 Monitor pair, great condition

    Onkyo M-504 Amplifier, also great condition (the one with the big meters, you know it)

    Dynaco PAS-4 Tube Preamplifier

    Pioneer PL-560 Direct Drive turntable w/ Grado cartridge, dust cover is rough, feet rotted off (common issue w/ this gen or pioneer TTs.) Otherwise works flawlessly.

    Feel free to PM me offers. These are the items I'm attached to, so low-balling isn't going to do the trick, but I'll try to be reasonable.


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      Re: FS in Morgantown WV, Some vintage some new

      Bumping this for anyone traveling from the east coast to MWAF.