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  • Wavelet Spectrogram

    The OmniMic instructions suggest that the ideal shape for this measurement is seldom seen, and most of my finished speakers have shown up mostly hash on this test even if they sound pretty good and show well on other metrics. Is anyone familiar enough with the wavelet spectrogram to know how the graph shown rates? This 3" unit sure sounds good, but it always seems that there is one more small change that makes another big difference in overall performance. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Click image for larger version

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    The spectogram is really just a 2D representation of the waterfall plot. Its useful for analyzing energy storage (ringing), reflections, etc. Keep in mind the wavelengths being analyzed. What you have there doesn't look bad at all.
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      Thank you. I reviewed the 3D waterfalls after reading your comment and they make more sense to me as a group now. The color wavelet shows some very low power resonances, which are represented in a different way in the other waterfalls. Looks like this box doesn't store a whole lot of power, which probably accounts for the immediacy in the sound.