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Switch from OmniMic to UMM-6, high and low end issues

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  • Switch from OmniMic to UMM-6, high and low end issues

    I was using an OmniMic USB microphone with REW software, I returned the OmniMic setup for another reason and instead purchased a UMM-6 for use with the REW program. I loaded the proper calibration file, and now all my readings are showing a drop off below 100HZ and above 10kHz that weren't there before. I've tried swapping the mid-stream gear, amp/source, and the result is the same. Any idea why the readings would be so far off?

    I'm using REW on a MacBook Pro with a UMM-6.
    The output from the laptop is either built in analog or a separate Compact USB DAC. The results are the same.


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    Found the problem! The input setting was set to "Default" and not UMM-6. Once I switched to UMM-6 it started using the calibration profile for the mic. Response works great now. FYI


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      Ugh - Having this problem again. Input is set to the mic and still having huge drop off after 10 kHz.