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Bug Reports - Version 5.02

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  • Bug Reports - Version 5.02

    I'm using the new version 5 of OmniMic, and I dig it. But I found a few bugs. I'm running the program under Windows 10.

    1) When restoring phase of an FRD file, you can only do one file. When you try to restore phase of another FRD file, the window with the graph comes up and shows the file I previously processed, not the one that I opened. Something in memory isn't being cleared properly after restoring phase and opening a new FRD file to restore its phase.

    2) After setting the option to use white backgrounds, the next time I close and open the program, the backgrounds in the Frequency Response tab have reset to blue and green, even though the "Use White Backgrounds" menu item still displays the icon that indicates it should be selected.

    Neither of these are showstoppers, but they are minor annoyances that can hopefully be fixed by Version 5.03.
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