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Snapshot not working well

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  • Snapshot not working well

    Dear all,
    Hoping to get some help with my Omnimic install on a brand new Dell Win 10 machine. Other Dell Win 10 machine works fine.

    See attached.
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    OK, so tried some different screen resolutions. My screen is native 1920x1080. Changing to 1366x768 seem to fix the problem.

    Is this a known issue with Omnimic and higher resolutions?

    Image attached is snapshot at 1366x768

    At 1920x1080 PDF and WMF seem fine. It's only the JPG BMP and PNG files that have this distortion.

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      Hi Maz,

      The only way I can recreate this is by changing my scaling setting to 175% in my display settings (Windows 10). Do you happen to have it set this way?

      Following your response, I will contact the developer to get this fixed.

      Parts Express Engineer


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        Hi Jason,
        Thanks for your ongoing support with this!

        No, I don't have any scaling set. At my screens native resolution I still get the distortion in the snapshot.

        It seems that once I hit 1366x768 things come good. Anything above that won't snapshot well. Anything below seems fine.
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          Sorry not sure what you mean by that. Perhaps you might elaborate a little please?
          Klipsch KG 5.5 update.....


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            Using Snapshot, and starting from top going down, if you go down lower than the bottom of the page and scroll downwards, the bottom is either truncated or not filled in correctly. Starting at the bottom of the page and scrolling upwards DOES give a correctly copied image, Thank you


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              I bet Maz got squared away well over a year ago.