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omnimic mini Dac to USB connection help and advice?

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  • omnimic mini Dac to USB connection help and advice?

    So I am getting things together to set up my omni mic. I was going to use the y connection to rca stereo but, a computer person told me to get this Dayton Audio Daco1 ( part number 230-510). A usb wire goes from my computers input to this device and then on the other side goes to stereo rca connections. I am going to be using a older amp. Is this the way to go or can I use another way to do this? I was looking at the lepai -LP-168Ha It has a usb input its a mini amplifier. I don't need a lot of power or watts to measure a speaker driver. Part # 310-308. I will never use the sub out put or turn it up loud. I really don't want to use my nice classic yamaha receiver. This little amp would fit the bill perfect but, I don't know if it will clean up the sound in my computers out put? Please let me know? Cheers Jeff