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Onnimic HF response

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  • Onnimic HF response

    I have started using my onnimic for tweeter tests, and notice the level above 10kHz or so us lower than I expected.
    I have checked the speaker with both a Clio system, and a mic calibrated from a B&K mic, and they give the expected response.
    It only seems to be a problem using pseudo noise, sine sweep is ok.
    Anyone else experienced this?

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    The noise signal is not accurate at high frequency, open the help file and read the "frequency response" section. You have to switch to the annoying sine sweep for accuracy with Omnimic. You'll also find the SPL is not consistent between noise and sine signals.
    • Sine Sweep signals provide the cleanest and most accurate measurements, as well as being able to drive speakers at specific SPL levels. This is the preferred choice for frequency response measurements and should be used for all high-frequency measurements
    • "Pseudo-noise" test signals, that sound like Pink Noise are easy on the ears for extended sessions. The accuracy using pseudo-noise at highest frequencies, however, can be degraded by sample clock tolerances, so this type should only be used for rough measurements.

    I have to ask, if you have a Clio system, why bother with Omnimic at all, you already have a superior measurement system.
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      Thanks for that, I'd not spotted that in the manual.
      My Clio is an older one with a pci pc card, I wanted omnimic to work with my laptop for portability.