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    I've been using LAUD since the late 90s maybe 2000.
    Just got an Omnimic and have noticed some strange behavior.
    I'm running on an old quad core Dell Laptop Win10 fully updated, 16GB, big 17" display.

    1. When I minimize it, it will not always open.
    2. Add file when pointed to the desktop will not show folders, only files.
    3. When I use the snapshot function the resulting .png is very small, if I try to scale it up there is not
    enough resolution. I do run the desktop at 175% size for easier viewing on the high res display.
    I'm going to have to use the Win snip function to get a decent graphic.

    Other comments:
    Is there a paper that describes exactly what is done for the blended function?
    Wish it would plot to 24KHz so that metal dome breakup could be seen.

    I've only been using it for a few hours, I'm sure that there'll be more.

    Pete Basel

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    Omnimic software is a bit outdated these days... At least, you can use the Omnimic with REW and solve many of the annoyances that way. If you find an older version 4.x of the software, it generally works better than the v5 releases (less bugs) but without the newly added features of course.

    1. Minimize is broken in the latest 5.2 software. Look in the bottom left of your screen, you should find the Omnimic window smushed in there to bring it back.
    2. I'm unable to reproduce any problem here.
    3. Yep, the snapshots are small. Use screenshot tool instead for larger images.

    Blended mode simply splices the gated "only to" response with the ungated "all" response at low frequencies. If you take a measurement with only to, all, and blended overlaid the behaviour should be obvious.
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      Thanks for responding and I will look try your suggestion.
      I emailed Bill and he said that he was on vacation but that blended used some fancy DSP
      that he will look up when he gets back home.


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        ​I guess "fancy DSP" can be one way to describe blending..Other software has similar features. REW has "frequency dependent windowing", ARTA has "dual windowing", SoundEasy has "Variable windowing". All can be describes as blending in layman's terms.

        Black = All
        Red = only to
        Brown = blended
        ​Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	163.7 KB ID:	1490494​
        The most obvious bug to be aware of with recent versions of Omnimic is that the file menu doesn't work in the distortion tab. To save the measurement as a text file you can right click on the chart.

        The things that annoy me the most is simple stuff, mostly the fact that you have to remeasure to change any settings. You can't adjust the windowing or smoothing without remeasuring, you can't resize or zoom in on the vertical scale of the impulse response, you can't enable "play from soundcard" while it's paused. Harmonic distortion display can't be normalized or represented as percent, so have to export to text file and manipulate with excel if you want to do that.
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          Im having the same issues as the users above