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How do I invert polarity using Omnimic

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  • How do I invert polarity using Omnimic

    The manual says use the Main MAth drop down menu to invert the polarity. However my drop down does not look like the one in the manual as I do not have that option. All my polarity is inverted.

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    Shouldn't really matter as long as all drivers are the same.


    • jimbones
      jimbones commented
      Editing a comment
      yes they are consistent, i just flip the speaker leads but there IS a way to do it and I get frustrated when the directions tell you how to do it and I dont see it Lol!!
      Im a rank amateur lol.

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    Chris Roemer Found the issue I had an older version of the software. I updated and now I see it in the drop down menu. I wasn't going crazy lol!!