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Omnimic and Signal Generator Voltage Measurements

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  • Omnimic and Signal Generator Voltage Measurements

    Hi Everyone,

    I followed the instructions in the Omnimic Help menus under Signal Generator. I disconnected my subwoofer from my amp, sent out the 55 hz test tone through my "soundcard" (dac), and turned up the volume on my amp until it hit around 2.83Volts as measured by my DVM. Reconnected my speakers, left the volume in the same position, and re-sent the 55hz signal. Oh, and of course set up my Omnimic 1 meter away. Omnimic immediately told me that I had Input overdrive, and I was reading approximately 120 dB in the SPL graph. I don't think my sub is capable of 120dB! It is a Tang Band W5-1138SMF, with 82db sensitivity at 2.83volts. It's in a ported box. It said to turn down the input via the slider, but I do not see a slider. I turned down the amplifier volume and it came down to 82dB at 55 hz, but at way less than 2.83Volts. Any ideas if I am doing something wrong or else misunderstanding? Any help is appreciated! Thanks. Marc