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    Re: OmniMic Calibration - How much difference does it make?

    Originally posted by Jeff B. View Post
    I have received me mic back - very fast turn-around from PE, I highely recommend the service - and I have loaded the newest version of the software, and burned a new test disc as well.

    So, how much difference does this calibration make? Out of curiosity, and a concern for things I have already measured, I decided to see.

    My test speaker is the RS28F tweeter on a foam baffle with the mic about 1 foot away. The hump and dip seen in the graph are effects from this baffle. However, they don't really mean anything, what I am looking for here is a difference between the twp lines.

    During this test I used the same track, and never changed the volume level on the amp, nor did I move the mic or speaker. All I did was change between calibration settings between the two tests, then lay them over each other. Here is what I got:

    The blue line is the original alpha-numeric calibration and the red line is using the new calibration file for my mic. As you can see there are some differences. They don't exceed much over 1dB, but they are a bit different. I thought I would post this for information purposes, for those who may have wondered about this.

    Jeff B.
    Thanks old buddy! :D