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Omnimic recalibration shipping problem

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  • Omnimic recalibration shipping problem


    I sent my Omnimic in for the recalibration and carefully packed it in bubble wrap twice just to be sure of safety in transit. When I received it back (quite promptly I admit) it was just bouncing around loose in the box. Kind of worried me a bit when I noticed a bit of mechanical play in the body of the mic. I seem to remember it having a much more solid feel when I sent it off and now there is this mild click which wouldn't seem to be very important, but when I tried it out I believe the slightest movement makes the body of the mic click and sends the software into overload. No doubt the microphone capsule is reading this movement as major sonic event. Does anyone know if this is permanently damaged or can the mic body be tightened somehow so it would once again be solid? It's a bit depressing having sent off my mic in pristine condition and now having one that needs a neck brace. I doubt I could even make an insurance claim with the mic sent back with literally no packing whatsoever.

    Somewhat distressed,
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    Re: Omnimic recalibration shipping problem

    Hi Woofer,

    You need to call PE's customer service at 800-338-0531, I'm sure they will take care of the issue.