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Very long cable for OminMic

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  • Very long cable for OminMic

    Hello everyone.

    I needed to use the OmniMic 60 feet from my lab desktop PC.

    I found that a USB extender works perfectly. (PE sells these. However I purchased the IO Gear GUCE51 at Fry's.)

    Basically, the connection scheme is this:
    OminMic cable -> USB transmitter -> Cat5e/Cat6 cable -> USB receiver -> PC_USB-port

    In my case, I used a 100-foot Cat6 cable. Note that a regular Cat5 cable did not work, as evidenced by the OM blue LED not lighting. So you must use Cat5e or Cat6 cable only.

    Phil Bamberg

    Philip Bamberg

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    Re: Very long cable for OminMic

    my mcm catalog has one the will work up to 1000 for less than $20. sure would making measurements outside easier.
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