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How much bass decay is good?

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  • How much bass decay is good?

    I ran some bass decay tests with my new OM and got readings up over 400 ms. 60 hz had an obvious spike. What I don't know and the OM manual doesn't say is what is a good max. level to shoot for? 10ms? 20? 40? 80? 160?????
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    Re: How much bass decay is good?

    Hi Carlspeak,

    I'm a beginner. But in Robert Harley's book, he states: "Optimum reverberation time varies with the room's volume. For a 3000-cubic-foot room, a good ... time is about 400 ms." He also points out that an important goal is relatively constant reverb time with frequency, and that longer reverb time at low frequencies will tend to make a room sound thick in the bass.

    I would LOVE it if the OM2 manual had more suggestions about accepted good values or ranges, suggestions for frequency ranges of measurements, and so on. OR if I could find a simple book that covered such material for listening-room acoustics.