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    Ok first off I am completely new to Pro Audio so I need all the help I can get here please... So I got me 2 old Crest Audio 4801 amps 1 for my mains which are just a 15 and a horn and the other amp I was planning on using to power my 2 18" passive EV Eliminators. Well long story but now I am trying to run 1 EV Eliminator in Bridged Mono Mode from the 1 amp. I recently got a Driverack PA2 also and all I want to do is play my music off YouTube and what have ya but never any live band stuff only music. Now I was looking for help elsewhere and needing advice on cabling to hook all my equipment up and was told between my PA2 and amps that Pig Hog PHM25 XLR High Performance 8mm Mic Cable 25 Ft would be great to use so I got em and hooked them up. As for speaker wire I was told to get 2 pole neutrik 2 pole male speaker connectors for the backs of my speaker cabinets and 16/4 braided cable back to the amps and just smashed around the screw down binding posts should be fine just twist up the 2 pair in each cable (So twisting white and green together and red and black together then to my amp) well I did that and fired it up started the PA2's wizard and everything was working until it tried balancing my sub that had been selected to run in Bridged mono in the rear of amp and my wires hooked up to both positives on each channel ,It produced a noise at first then nothing then a "pop" from my amp . Stopped right there tore into my amps and all 4 of the 17,000uf 55 watt DC capacitors on the power board / fan driver board were all buldged out. I knew in one amp there were 2 kind of getting puffy from before priar to this test. So now I must replace all 8 caps and resistors and whatever else is bad in there before next test. Which will probably take a year to find a place to do it for resonable pay being a single dad of 3 young girls has my money pretty much tied up all going to rent and them and squat for me lol. So any clue what went wrong ? Is it my gear that had the problem or my cabling or what ? I just read something about some Mono Bridged +2 -2 or something for the sub cable .....Whats that how do I get one and what is the cost or can I make one ? Well I THANK YOU all who read this post and another big THANK YOU for anyone that helps me out here ....

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    It's not clear how you wired the speakers so you may have shorted the amp outputs which is always bad, but pro amps like those Crests can usually deal with that so maybe they were in dire need of service anyway.
    Paul O