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How to tune a crossover please?

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    Yeah, the singer in the pic is dressed similar to Stevie in the Chicago Concert:

    Wish I could meet or talk with Stevie one day. BTW Mike I am guessing you know that this is Mike from the other forums?

    Thanks for the explanation! I am going to make a mini tutorial from this thread's info for myself tomorrow or so.
    Since I am an old school hound I am still undecided whether to stick with the BSS or go back to analog. Looking at this image of an AC 23 Rane below, the highest frequency shows only 7k, does that mean it would not be ideal for targeting a horn driver at around 12khz or so or would I simply need to the use an EQ to target the 12khz?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 10.12.48 AM.png Views:	0 Size:	1,004.8 KB ID:	1460703


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      Mike, crossover and EQ are separate functions even with DSP, the control on that Rane is for a crossover frequency and it would be unusual to set one higher than 7khz, for driver response shaping parametric EQ is what you want. Some analog crossovers have CD horn correction EQ but there is often very little control over it sometimes just an on or off switch so it's not of much use, taming a compression driver/horn combo typically requires multiple filters so as I have said before perhaps even in some of your threads on other forums.. DSP really isn't optional with these components. The difference this makes to the sound produced is not subtle, an unprocessed CD typically sounds very midrange heavy with poor highend but after EQ would be very natural sounding with good to great highend extension.
      Paul O


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        Ok got it. thanks a million for the knowledge guys, I now have a much better idea of frequency response, crossovers and driver specs!.


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          I'm going to be honest here, in all the forums that you have post in most of the responding people have given up and walked away confused in what you are really trying to do.
          You started off here talking about an Ashly 1001 stereo two way crossover, and then you show two Rane AC23 stereo three way crossovers.
          Are you wanting to just use the active crossover between the sub woofers and your two way top/mid hi speakers assuming they have passive crossovers in them
          or do you want to tri-amp the system with a three way active crossover. Some speakers with passive crossovers have various ways to bypass the internal passive crossover and run them bi amped or as a full tri amp system.

          Then you mention a having a BSS FDS-388 DSP of all things. That was like the big daddy DSP processor way back in the day, among one of the first actually.
          It does/did a lot for the time, not the most intuitive to set up by today's standards and digital processing has come a LONG way since then.

          Wrong crossover over settings on a high frequency as in too low of a crossover frequency will have you buying new diaphragms.
          Mike Caldwell


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            This thread was for the purpose mentioned, only to understand frequency response related to crossovers and drivers as my bud is the one who owns and tuned the BSS on my rig and he wants me to step away from Analog and get a BSS so I wish to learn tuning whatever crossover I should go with myself. I asked about different crossovers just to get some ideas about different crossovers both digital and analog. My threads on the other forums were for different purposes.


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              Short of the BSS London DSP's that are used mostly for installations BSS has discontinued all of their speaker processing DSP models.
              The DBX units would be fine for your system.
              Mike Caldwell


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                Hey guys, i have created a tutorial from the info you guys have given me in this thread. Please see attached file. I don;t expect you guys to read through all of it but looks like I have covered [learned] enough to set up at least an analog crossover successfully? Frequency Response, Crossovers and Drivers.pdf
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