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Master volume for rack?

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  • 6thplanet
    Yeah, that would work. I do something similar with my bass amp. For practice at home it's hard to keep the volume low, you end up with just the very start of the master volume. I added a pot in the effects loop to allow me to crank the preamp up (for a certain tone) and have the master volume in a useable range for "very quiet" level adjustment.

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  • killa
    started a topic Master volume for rack?

    Master volume for rack?

    I would like to put a master volume in my guitar rack between the preamp and amp. What is the best way to do this? Can I add a simple potentiometer?
    The reason for doing it this way is that the preamp (sansamp psa 1.1) level is designed more for a studio and doesn't really allow a good amount of adjustment when used with an amp. A master volume would allow me to keep the level on the preamp high and not have to worry about a huge volume increase when switching from one preset to the next.