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2x12 guitar cabinet mono/stereo wiring question

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  • 2x12 guitar cabinet mono/stereo wiring question

    I'm repairing a 2x12 cabinet for a family member and need a bit of advice on which 1/4" jacks to use. The cab uses a a stereo/mono jack and switch assembly similar to the Marshall 1936 (diagram below) but the switch is bad and the wiring has been butchered so I figured I would start over. What is the correct/best 1/4" jack to use? A similar drawing specified a Switchcraft 14B... Also does it matter if the input plate is metal? I read a warning elsewhere about using an insulating jackplate to avoid a short in stereo mode.


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    This should work: It's plastic, so no worries of shorting to metal plate. If the link doesn't work, it's P.E. part# 092-118. Of course you probably repaired it by now, nearly 2 months later....