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    Hello people I have a problem here. I boils a pair of used JBL 2” horn drivers with the lens. These are monsters. They can be crossed over as low as 500hz with running them at 100 watts or at 550hz with 150 watts. I won’t be running them anywhere close to those numbers as I’ll be using tube amps for some first watt SS amps Now my problem. I need to find someone who is either selling something that can cover the lower side of these, anything around 550 or 500hz and down. Maybe down to 60 or 70hz. And would like these to be some type of a folded horn box. That way it can come close to the spl that these horns can do. And it would be great if someone is close to or in central Florida. I do have a full wood worker shop here at home. As I’m somewhat disabled, I’ve not been able to setup all of this equipment. So any ideas on any builds that could work with these JBL horns ? Model #2446H I’ve seen people use the Peavey sp-1 cabs and just remove the horns and update the woofers. So something like them would work as well Thanks for reading my post and any help would be great. If your just going to bash this post or talk all kinds of BS , please don’t. I see so many posts on here and other forums and someone ask a question and all to often the posts turn into something different then what the OP wanted Thanks and be safe Carl in Florida

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    Just because the drivers can go down to 500Hz doesn't mean the horns can. What model horns are they or at a minimum what's their dimensions?


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      It’s the JBL 2385 ( same as the 2385A )
      and this horn is able to go down to 500hz and up to 16khz
      herea some of the specs

      The JBL 2385A BiiRadialTM horn-� is designed
      for flush cabinet mounting or compact cluster appli7
      cations. The 2385A has a nominal 60° horizontal
      x 40° vertical pattern. The horn provides uniform
      on and off axis frequency response from 500 Hz to
      beyond 16 kHz in the horizontal plane and 2 kHz
      to 16 kHz in the vertical plane with constant direci
      tiVity above 2 kHz. The horni small Vertical mouth
      dimension (just slightly larger than the compres7
      sion driver used to drive the horn) allows very
      compact single and multiple horn/driver systems
      to he put together Should Vertical pattern control
      he required below 2 kHz, two or more horns may
      be stacked vertically to restore full BiiRadialTM


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        So looked at some info on the horns and drivers and here's my take. Once you equilize them flat they're only good for about 100 db/w. That's going to take DSP or a bunch of analog crossover parts. They're only kinda flat between 1k and 10k so the output needs to get knocked down to actually be usable from 500 to 15k. I personally wouldn't use them below 1k which is about twice the Fs of the driver.

        I don't think you need something as complicated as a folded horn, a good pro level woofer should be able to keep up in a simple enclosure


        • billfitzmaurice
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          +1. Look at what JBL used them in. It wasn't folded horns.

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        You will want a straight horn for any mid frequency reproduction.. even if it's low/mid, folded horns are for bass only. With only 1w of amplication you could almost use these drivers without a horn... some of these horns add a lot of undesirable coloration, but that will further reduce the useful operating range of the CD. Any CD/horn combo will need a fair bit of corrective EQ to sound even acceptable and the best tool for that is DSP in my opinion. A prosound 12" or 15" reflex driver with the CD padded down to match levels after EQ can sound really good and will get plenty loud in a home listening environment.
        Paul O