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Best enclosure/driver for a metal-core bass drop

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    Re: Best enclosure/driver for a metal-core bass drop

    Originally posted by billfitzmaurice View Post
    Low Fs high Qes drivers are incompatible with high sensitivity pro-sound horns.
    I have no misconceptions where horn design is concerned. My track record backs up that assertion.
    The horn has to be built to complement the driver characteristics. If I have in any way lead anyone to believe that I am suggesting that the titanic drivers simply be "dropped into" a pre-existing horn designed around typical pro-sound driver characteristics I am sorry. I did not intend any such thing.

    I've edited in a comparison above that actually gives a more expensive pro-sound driver an unfair power advantage that wouldn't actually be available in this case (being an 8ohm driver, vs 4 ohm), and the more expensive prosound driver, is not delivering any more SPL in the 40-100hz range than the titanic in equal size boxes, with alterations to the horn applied in each case to give the highest possible efficiency and SPL in the desired passband for each driver.

    I'd be happy to pit the 10" titanic against ANY similar priced 10-21" PA driver. Just name the driver and the box volume limit. The titanic is a viable option for the intended bandwidth and I stand by the suggestion. I also am happy to suggest and defend dozens of alternative ways to achieve the same ends. It will always come back to utilising the available box space in a way that best complements the driver in question, and matching the available amplification to driver thermal and Xmax limits wisely. I didn't pull a stupid idea out of thin air to stir up trouble here, I have spent a lot of time pondering and simulating alternative solutions to PA low frequency reinforcement.

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