Hey everybody,

I am looking to reproduce the large bass drops alot of hardcore/progressive bands use in their music.
I have a way to trigger and output the sound, i have a mixer/amp, just need the right cabinet to put it through.

The usual frequency range (from what i understand) is about 75-30 HZ (depending on enclosure/driver capabilities).

This enclosure will be running off of one amp of a yorkville AP818 (@8ohms pushes about 250RMS, 4 ohms 450).

After a couple days of research (still weeks away from build), i am wondering what the difference between a reflex (simple, slotted) box and loaded scoop box (bass-bin) is, and which will punch out more over a full 5 piece band

Driver wise, I THINK the Celestion TF1525 will fit our low-budget needs, but since i do not want to take the time to become an expert in this, i will simply ask people that already are.