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  • New theater install

    No, not a home theater, but a real theater.

    Room dimensions, approx 50'-60' with 15' walls and a peaked ceiling 26' high.

    This will be a live event theater. I'm looking to install some pro sound style monitors at various locations throughout the hall, with proper delay from front to center to back to keep things as coherent as possible.

    If I were to employ a series of two-ways hanging from the exposed joists, some up at the stage, some mid theater, and some in the back, what would you recommend for the number of 10"-12" drivers to provide adequate coverage. I'm thinking of going with the Eminence Kappalite or Deltalite line to keep weight down and performance high. There will be separate low frequency support via some horn loaded subs. High frequency drivers are still being considered.
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    Re: New theater install

    I covered a theater 3X that size with a set of RCF 310's as mains and the houses column main speakers that were mounted up high midway in the hall... (I don't know who the contractor was that installed those???).
    It worked surprisingly well with my DIY subs.


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      Re: New theater install

      We've used 4 powered Mackies in an area just a bit larger than that along with some subs and coverage was real good. Used a driverack with delay for control. Sounds like your building your own monitors so I'd say go with the 10's. They project real good and you know what your doing. JMHO


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        Re: New theater install

        too late.....
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