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The subwoofer/full-range cabinet to go with my line-array

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  • The subwoofer/full-range cabinet to go with my line-array

    I wrote about my Bose PAS-inspired line- array but here's the cabinet that goes with it on gigs. I'm a keyboard/MIDI solo act.

    HISTORY: Years ago I got the idea to copy the Peavey Sub/satellite systems I'd heard in small/medium clubs, which impressed me with their clarity and portability. So I built some sats using Pioneer A11EC80, a 4 1/2 full-range that was recommended in Popular Electronics ( or was it Electronics Illustrated?) for a DIY PA system. Their systems used 8 per sat, I only wanted 4 so I designed a wedge and outfitted it so it would fit on a standard mic stand. Each weighed 12 lbs. I added a piezo on top for brilliance on cymbals.
    Click image for larger version

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    Originally I also built a vented bass cab and put an EV Force-15" in it. Not a sub, but everything blended well. AND- both sats took up 1 cu.ft. back-to-back and fit right into the sub cabinet (which had a detatchable back secured with thumbscrews)

    Then I booked a gig in a restaurant's party room that was added-on to the building- it was a 27-step (NO landing) walk-up and decided I needed to 'go lighter' in my rig for such times.
    I built a small cabinet housing the Radio Shack 12" dual coice-coil sub wired in series for 8 ohms. Perfect!

    Now I've put that same sub into a cabinet I wanted to decorate.

    Got the idea to add some leftover 4 1/2" Pioneers and a few cheap piezos (all wired as a separate section) in case I needed a simple full-range for small parties and didn't feel like setting up more poles, only 3.5 lbs extra weight. I fooled around with a few stuffing/ no port- yes port designs and finally got great results lining the sides with old acoustic batting from an old project and lining the back wall with acoustic foam. It's now even and punchy for the rooms I play now. My powered mixer sits on top of it right next to my keyboard. Here's the result:
    .Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2495.JPG
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ID:	1185682It's 23" H 14" W AND 12" D. Weight: 23 lbs.
    Pole mount (underneath), carrying handle (on top) and port on side are pirated from a full-range Samson PA cabinet which weighed 39 lbs- unacceptable.
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    Re: The subwoofer/full-range cabinet to go with my line-array

    Fostex A11EC80? Is that what happened to the old Pioneer A11EC80? Used them as PA mids eons ago - back when you could get Force 15's for $100.


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      Re: The subwoofer/full-range cabinet to go with my line-array

      You know you're right- it was Pioneer. For some reason I thought Fostex.
      I do remember they were meant as car speakers but with a little high-boost, sounded clean and full-range. I've since added tweeters so they'll project better in the audience.

      Come to think of it- I bought my Force 15 for $95 way back in the 70s.
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